How does the Estate Large Diamond Buyers process work?

A:    It’s easy to sell your diamond with Estate Large Diamond Buyers, you will be paid at the time of the appointment. The jewelry will not leave your hands until you receive your payment. Sell a diamond in 3 simple steps You can call us toll free (1-877-327-8150), email us, or use our confidential Quote form.

How much is my jewelry worth?

We appraise your jewelry and provide you with a cash offer. This is the purchase price that we are willing to pay for your jewelry, based on our appraisal of its value.

I have an appraisal – is that the price I can get for my diamond?

A:    Diamond and jewelry appraisals are usually created for insurance or other purposes. They represent one appraiser’s opinion of the diamond’s replacement cost. The actual cash for diamond amount or cash for jewelry amount we may offer you will possibly be different than the appraised value.

Does a certified Diamond sell for more than a non-certified diamond?

A:    Certification can be helpful in the diamond buying process when you sell a diamond, but certification does not increase the value of a diamond.

How long does it take to receive my payment?

A:    Our knowledgeable diamond buyers are pre-authorized to make on-the-spot cash transactions. You’ll receive payment immediately, at the time of the appointment.

How do you determine what you pay for a diamond?

A:    The value of a diamond is determined by the exact carat weigh, shape, color, clarity and proportions. We work diligently to get you the best price and most money for your diamond.

Will you do a full appraisal on my item?

A:    As estate and diamond jewelry buyers, we do not appraise diamonds. Doing so would be seen as a conflict of interest. If you would like an appraisal before or after we make you an offer, we will gladly refer you to another certified jewelry or diamond appraiser.
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